Mark's Gospel Part 24, Mark 6:6-13 ’Life on the Road’


After a cold reception for Jesus in his home community of Nazareth, Mark sets the scene for him sending his disciples out on the road. Giving clear instructions to live simply and how to be good representatives of him, he gives them authority to act on his behalf. And stuff happens. But it’s not what happens on the road that Mark focusses on here - it’s about the way they were to go about it. What can we learn from this insight Mark gives us as Jesus commissions his followers in an early experience of trusting God on the Road? Sean Stillman is God’s Squad’s International President and member of GSCMC South Wales, UK. ————————————————————— You can also read the relevant bible passage, Mark 6:6-13 online at: You can also subscribe to this series playlist on YouTube here:    • Marks Gospel Series   and also find 150+ additional bible reflections and stories, from various God’s Squad members around the world. _________________________________________ This presentation, and many of the previous and following ones in this series that Sean will present, includes references, quotes and research from the following sources; Meeting God in Mark, Rowan Williams, 2014. Binding the Strong Man, Ched Myers, 1998, (2008 edition) Mark, Paideia Commentary on the New Testament, Mary Ann Beavis, 2011. The Gospel of Mark, The New International Commentary on the New Testament, William L. Lane, 1974. The Gospel According to St. Mark, Black’s New Testament Commentaries, Morna D. Hooker, 1981, (2003 edition) Life on the Road, Athol Gill, 1992. Mark, New International Biblical Commentary, Larry W. Hurtado, 1983, (1998 edition). Mark, Tyndale New Testament Commentary, R. Alan Cole, 1961, (1989 edition) —————————————————————————- #motorcycleclub #GSCMC #marksgospel #KingdomOfGod #godssquadcmc #GodsSquad #discipleship #ChristianBikers #metanoia #Jesus #mission #godssquad #bibleteaching #motorcyclelife #reflection #practicaltheology