Sean reflects on his journey with God's Squad CMC at Melbourne Chapter's 50th Anniversary


This video is one of a collection of stories gathered at Melbourne Chapter's 50th Anniversary and GSCMC International Run, in Victoria, Australia, November 2022. This 50th-anniversary story features International President Sean Stillman from our UK South Wales chapter reflecting on his time in God's Squad CMC

Sean notes for additional context, whilst this was recorded at a celebratory occasion, there was a tragic backdrop to the weekend. There are references made to this in this interview which may not be clear as to what it was. So for clarity, on the Friday, just two days before this interview, a large group of God's Squad members and friends were involved in a horrendous accident on the freeway. One of the club brothers, Baz Porter, from the Mid West Chapter died at the scene and several others were hospitalised, with one member Glenn, in a serious condition, who subsequently recovered after lengthy rehab. This interview and some others in the series, reflect some of the very raw trauma that was being experienced at the time.
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Posted on what would have been the late Rev. Dr. John Smith's birthday, who founded God's Squad CMC Melbourne Chapter in 1972