BBC Radio Wales Documentary for All Things Considered, 'Parkinson's & Me'

 "... a searingly honest insight into a life that's been turned upside down since his diagnosis ..."

You can listen to the BBC Radio Wales, 'All Things Considered - Parkinson's & Me' documentary here on BBC Sounds.

I am very grateful to BBC Radio Wales for the opportunity to tell something of my Parkinson's journey thus far. Producer Geoff Ballinger, (who I often work with on other BBC Radio Wales input),  did an extraordinary job in editing the material collected over a few years into a cohesive story and the brilliant touches that come from years of experience. 

Feedback has been wonderful so far, especially encouraging from other people with Parkinson's. I just hope it not only shines a light on this most uncomfortable, peculiar degenerative neurological condition, but also brings some hope and resonance for anyone feeling like they're up against it.

It is also available on the BBC Facebook Page below, and available for sharing from there if you wish.

Thank you.

Details of organisations offering information and support with Parkinson’s are available at