On the Road in Europe (Scandinavia and the Baltics) Part 3

On The Road Part 3 - A truly Christian. Motorcycle. Club.

Whilst on the road visiting our chapters in Scandinavia and the Baltic region, Sean takes a short break whilst travelling between Berlin and the Hook of Holland on his way home to record the third and final reflection from this road trip.

He returns to the core of what it means for God’s Squad to be a Christian Motorcycle Club - and indeed what it means for any community of people calling itself ‘Christian’.

Recalling the much travelled missionary Paul, writing to the church in Philippi, whilst he was incarcerated, Sean encourages followers of the way of Christ to meditate on and put into practice Paul’s suggestions. Paul also uses a strong metaphor for describing his own change of direction from an outwardly pious and legalistic faith, to one liberated in the light of Christ.
You might also want to look at pages 168-173 in the chapter ‘On The Road’, in our book, ‘God’s Squad: The First 50 Years’ if you have a copy, which covers a similar theme regarding our identity as a Christian Motorcycle Club.
Scripture references in this video include:
Philippians 4:4-9 (verse 8 particularly which you’ll find here https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Philippians%204%3A8%2CPhilippians%204%3A8-9&version=NASB;MSG ) & also chapter 3, also verse 8 particularly.
The previous video series on the ‘I Am’ statements of Jesus is also referred to, as well as Mark 12:28-34.
Sean is God’s Squad International President and part of South Wales chapter in the UK.